Programs & Services

“When you walk into the Centre at the first visit, you walk in as strangers, and now when we go into the Centre we feel like friends” – Caregiver

Advocate Program


The role of the Advocate is to provide children, youth and their non-offending family members with child and youth friendly, trauma-informed support. Advocates play a unique role as they are not part of the recorded interview process or the investigative team.  Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, Advocates offer ongoing support and service connection to meet the unique needs of each child and their family.


The Child & Youth Advocate:


  • Provides information about the investigative process, and helps keep children, youth and their families up to date on next steps, and/or service referrals.


  • Provides information about the unique community services available to promote healing.


  • Assists family members and caregivers in developing self-care plans to help them best support their children.


  • Educates children, youth and their families about abuse, how to safeguard against abuse and talk about practices to promote healing and well-being.


  • Remains a constant support throughout the investigation, court process or until a child, youth and their family decide support is no longer needed.
The Goal:

Keeping young people and their caregivers connected to the investigation process and to the community resources that will support them along the way

CYACSM Facility Dogs

(C.O.P.E. Accredited Facility Dogs)

Beacon & Moose help to create feelings of safety and calm for children, youth and families while at our Centres. They provide emotional and relaxation support, as well as deep pressure therapy. Helping calm emotions can help children, youth and all of us think better and feel better!

Beacon & Moose are here to provide unconditional love and support to all visitors at our Centres!

moose and beacon (our service dogs)

If you do not wish to be supported by a Facility Dog while at the Centre, the dog will not be present.

Please notify the Advocate upon arrival if you have any fears, allergies etc.

Common Ground Youth Group

A 7-week youth group for female identifying folx ages 12-18 who have witnessed, experienced, or are at an increased risk of experiencing gender-based violence to come together in a safe space to learn how to understand and break the cycles of abuse.

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